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Policy Archive - 2002-2003 (most recent first)

DfES 14-19 White Paper

Following Sir Mike Tomlinson's working group recommendations on 14-19 curriculum reform, the government responded to the recommendations through its white paper on 14-19 reform.

The government has not opted to move towards a full diploma system, choosing only to adopt diplomas for vocational subjects, which has been unpopular with many people in the education sector. Read Skill's response

To read the 14-19 White Paper, please see

DfES Skills White Paper

Skills: getting on in business, getting on at work, is the second national skills strategy paper from the DfES, following an earlier paper published in July 2003.

The new skills white paper looks at how the DfES can ensure that people have the skills to be employable and personally fulfilled.

The White Paper is available on the Internet at Skill made a number of recommendations to the White Paper, to ensure that the White Paper addresses the current under-employment of disabled people. Read Skill's response here.

Children's Trusts

The Government is developing the idea of children's trusts, which will facilitate inter-agency cooperation, eg social services, health and education, for the benefit of children and young people.

There has recently been a consultation about this, including details of workforce reform and a common assessment framework. Read Skillís response here.

[Posted 7th May 2005]

QCA - A framework for achievement

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority is proposing a new framework for achievement, which will link qualifications together to provide simpler and more flexible progression and achievement routes.

The proposed framework can be downloaded from the QCA website,

Skill welcomes the new proposals, but also thinks that the framework should reflect the DDA and needs of disabled students more. Read our response here.

[Posted 7th May 2005]

Futurebuilders - Skill's response [MS Word]
Futurebuilders is a one-off £125 million investment fund, specifically to assist voluntary and community sector providing organisations in their public service work. Skill has responded to the consultation which looked at how the resources could best be used.
The consultation document can be found at
[Posted 30th July 2003]

Skill's policy track record at national level in recent months - By Carol Hicks
[Posted 30th June 2003]

New Quality Assurance Framework for needs assessments
The DfES have issued documents on a new framework to ensure that needs assessments for DSAs are carried out to good standards and in a reasonable timeframe.
[Posted 17th June 2003]

Office for Fair Access - Skill's response [MS Word]
In the recent white paper on the future of HE, the government proposed to establish an Office for Fair Access which will regulate access to higher education. The proposals make no mention of disabled students, yet statistics also published recently show a disappointingly small rise of 0.55% in the percentage of disabled people in higher education from 2000/01 to 2001/02.
[Posted 5th June 2003]

HEFCE draft strategic plan - Skill's response [MS Word]
This is Skill's response to HEFCE's draft strategic plan. HEFCE's draft strategic plan for 2003-2008 is available on their website at
[Posted 5th June 2003]

Skills strategy - Skill's response [MS Word]
The DfES has published the progress report of the National Skills strategy, which Skill has responded to. More information about the skills strategy can be found at The final skills strategy will be published in June 2003, and will set out how the Government, and its partners will work together to improve skills and productivity.
[Posted 5th June 2003]

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Volunteering England - Skill's response [MS Word]
This is Skill's response to a consultation on the creation of a single integrated volunteering body called Volunteering England, to bring together the National Centre for Volunteering, Volunteer Development England and the Consortium on Opportunities for Volunteering. See the following website for the consultation papers:
[Posted 5th June 2003]

Skill's repsonse to the LSC consultation - Widening adult participation [MS Word]
This document responds to the LSC consultation on Successful Participation for All: Widening Adult Participation Strategy. Skill recommends to the LSC that the needs and circumstance of people with disabilities and learning difficulties need to be constantly considered when deciding upon a strategy for widening adult participation in learning. The original consultation document is available on the LSC website at
[Posted 21st May 2003]

Skill's response to the DfES document 'Information, Advice and Guidance for Adults Towards a National Policy Framework: Discussion Document' [MS Word]
The document sets out proposals towards a national policy framework for the future development of IAG services to adults aged 20 or over in England.
More information about the proposals can be found at

[Posted 21st May 2003]

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The Future of Higher Education - White Paper - Skill's response [MS Word]

The article above is Skill's response to the DFES's Higher Education White Paper.
[Posted 14th May 2003]

Strategic Area Reviews:
Consultation response on guidance to support Local Learning and Skills Councils and their partners in undertaking Strategic Area Reviews of provision starting in 2003 [MS Word]

This document responds to the Learning and Skills Council's proposed guidance for undertaking Strategic Area Reviews of provision across local LSC areas from April 2003. The consultation was outlined in circular 02/21, and can be found on the LSC website:
[Posted 6th March 2003]

Response to consultation document 'The Way Ahead' [MS Word]
This document responds to the government's consultation document The Way Ahead on changes to Employment law to bring the UK into line with recent European directives regarding equality and diversity in employment. More information about the consultation, and the consultation document, can be found on the internet at
[Posted 29th January 2003]

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Inclusion, Independence and Choice [MS Word]
By Barbara Waters
Address given to the Universities UK Policy Conference 'Promoting Inclusion for All: A guide for Further and Higher Education' on Tuesday 29 October 2002 at RCOG Conference Centre, London.

[Posted 12th November 2002]

Response to LSC Circular 02/17 from Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities [MS Word]
This article is Skill's response to the LSC's Consultation Document "Funding - Second Stage Consultation on Additional Learning Support Arrangements from 2003/04"
[Posted 12th November 2002]

"Success for All":
Response from Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities [MS Word]

This article is Skill's response to the DfES's Consultation Document "Success for All"
[Posted 14th October 2002]

Guidance to the Learning and Skills Council on Meeting the Needs of Learners with Learning Difficulties and/or Disabilities [MS Word]

This paper aims to provide guidance for the Learning and Skills Council in relation to taking forward its responsibilities for learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD) as set out in the Learning and Skills Act (LSA) 2000.
[Posted 4th July 2002]

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