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Skill National Bureau for Students with Disabilities
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Skill's Fundraising Promise

Anna Bussell - Skill London Marathon runner Helping Skill

Skill is a charity. We are happy to provide our services for free to disabled people, but they do not come cheap. We need your help to fund our work.

For example, on average it costs:

• £5 every week to post out free information to disabled enquirers
• £20 to respond to a complex helpline enquiry
• £40 per hour to update the Skill website
• £2,000 to update an information booklet

Vital work

Disabled people today still face financial, physical, attitudinal and cultural barriers to education, work experience, volunteering and employment. We need your support to continue our advice services and promotion of good policy and best practice across the UK.


We rely on the generosity of grant-making trusts, companies, government grants and individual donors to maintain our information and advice services.

Click here to make a donation to Skill Every little helps
Donations are welcome. Please gift aid them if you are a taxpayer. That way we can claim an additional 28p for every £1 you give us, at no cost to you.

You can donate securely on-line, or print off a donation form and send it with your donation to:
Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities, 18-20 Crucifix Lane, London, SE1 3JW

For further information
on fundraising activities or tax-effective giving for Skill contact or phone Carol on 020 7450 0626.

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Lots of ways to help
Have fun and fundraise, or maximise your donations with tax-effective giving. There’s something for everyone, from

• Marathons to skydiving
• G.A.Y.E. to remembering Skill in your will
• You can also volunteer or become a member

Nominate Skill

• through a promotional article in your in-house magazines
• put Skill forward for your company’s charitable support
• run fundraising events in aid of Skill, but please contact us first
• suggest Skill as a recipient charity in place of anniversary or birthday gifts, or to receive in memoriam donations

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Have fun and fundraise too
Marathon medal photo
Al Lockhart-Smith - Skill London Marathon runner
Al after his run
Michael MacLachlan - Skill London Marathon runner
Michael at the finish
London Marathon guaranteed places
Looking for an achievement of a lifetime? Every year Skill has guaranteed marathon places to offer in the London Marathon. Potential runners need to convince us of their fundraising abilities to reach a target of £1200.

You can register your interest in Skill's marathon places by contacting

Congratulations to our splendid 2007 London Marathon Team:

   • Al Lockhart-Smith
   • Alex Latner
   • Anna Bussell
   • Corrina Thewlis-Smith
   • James Arnold
   • Michael MacLachlan
   • Neil Danziger

Skill greatly appreciates the team's considerable fundraising contribution to our work. We anticipate they have all reached the target of £1,200, and some look like raising more than £5,000. A very impressive achievement.

Neil, Alex and James at the finishPhoto finish for (left to right) Neil, Alex and James

What previous runners said
It was such a great atmosphere and a great sense of achievement” Suzanne C.
Picture of Emma resting after her run One runner told us running for Skill is a real incentive to make the distance.

I was so absolutely overwhelmed by my achievement on Sunday. I suffer quite badly from asthma, and have always found it particularly hard to run, so … to complete it was a fantastic achievement for me. One of my uppermost thoughts when the going was tough was to think about all the money for Skill and not let the recipients down. I was definitely going to make it” Emma S.

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Picture of skydivers Skydiving
For the exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Raise sufficient sponsorship and jump for free. Jump on your own or with friends. There are several different types of jump to choose from, the choice is yours – if you dare.

One of our student skydivers was so thrilled by her experience she can’t wait to do it again. If she passes her exams, her father might even pay for it.

Go to the free online booking service Or you can register online with Skill. Go to

Picture of whitewater rafters Whitewater rafting
Fancy a day out with friends? Rafting is a team event. Gather 6 to 8 friends together, get sponsored and away you go.

You can register to whitewater rafting online. Go to

Ladies’ Fun Run
Next popular fun run for ladies - Sunday 16 September 2007. Only 5km / 3 miles of city sites. Get your Finisher’s Medal, Tee shirt and Goody Bag. Entry forms from Don’t delay, email today. Last entry 17 August 2007.

The Hydro Active Challenge for Women takes place in Hyde Park London, Birmingham City Centre and Sefton Park Liverpool. Remember £5 of each £15 entry fee comes to Skill, and more if you raise sponsorship.

Overseas challenges
Challenge yourself for those who are challenged every day. Cycling, trekking, kayaking, rafting - there’s an overseas challenge for you. Fulfil your personal ambitions and at the same time raise much needed funds for Skill. Contact Carol at Skill for further details

Concerned about carbon emissions for overseas flights? Go to the Discover Adventure website for an emissions calculator and off-setting ideas.

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Make your gift go further – with tax-effective giving
We’d love you to send us donations, gift aided if you are a UK taxpayer. Here are several other ways to donate:

Regular giving on a monthly basis.
For example, £5 a month covers our postal costs to send out free information booklets to disabled people. This enables us to support those who are unable to download the information from our website.

Payroll giving / Give-As-You-Earn
Skill is registered for payroll giving, and would welcome your regular support. Simply contact your payroll department. Complete one simple form, and it’s all arranged. For example, you commit to donating £5 a month to Skill before tax. This actually costs you £3.90, or £3 if you are a higher rate taxpayer.

Tax repayment
You can now donate all or part of your tax repayment to charity using your Self-Assessment return to the Inland Revenue. In section 19A of your tax return form specify the amount you want to give. Quote Skill’s code number YAG 75RG. For further information go to
Go to the All About Giving website Share Giving – a new way of giving
Are your windfall shares gathering dust in a drawer? Do you own small numbers of shares in one or two companies that generate more paperwork than they are worth? Would it cost you more than their value to sell via a stockbroker? Or maybe you have a sophisticated share portfolio. Either way, your shares work actively for Skill, while you enjoy the generous personal tax breaks available.

Giving shares is easy, whether you have share certificates or own a nominee account. The Charities Aid Foundation or Sharegift, a charity offering a free service to small charities, can arrange your gift to Skill. Or contact us.

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Remember Skill in your will
Lifelong learning is here to stay. There will always be students with disabilities needing our advice and support. Please consider making a donation to Skill in your Will. It will cost you nothing now. But, you will know that when you no longer have need of your worldly goods, others will continue to benefit.

It took just one legacy to give Skill sufficient security to expand its information team and develop new services. Skill now helps hundreds of thousands of disabled learners every year. Another legacy ensured an office could be opened in Scotland. Contact Skill for our legacy leaflet, or read more about our Legacy campaign.

Make sure you quote Skill's charity number 801971, then, wherever Skill is, your gift will always reach us.
Go to the Remember a Charity website Skill has joined the national Remember-a-Charity Campaign with over 140 other charities. Together we promote will-making and charitable bequests. Remember-a-Charity has produced a free guide to making a will. It lists the steps you need to take and how to leave a gift to your favourite causes. Go to How do I leave money in my will? on their website

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Tell the world about Skill
and its work of national significance, promoting education, training and employment for all disabled people. People cannot donate to Skill if they do not know about our work.

We can help you with text, facts and figures.

Thank you for thinking of Skill

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[Updated 24th May 2007]

Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities is a company limited by guarantee (2397897) and a registered charity (801971).

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