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Into HE/

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Into Higher Education

How to use Into HE

This interactive version of Into HE allows the user to identify universities and colleges using a number of different criteria:

Search HE institutions
Search HE and FE institutions

Search Help:

You can identify a college by its name, the town it is in, the county and also the area of the county and even by the postcode:

  • To search by the name of the college just type in the name for example type in Bristol or just Bris and all colleges with Bris or Bris in the title will be retrieved.

  • To search by town just type in the name of the town or part of it town and again they will all be retrieved

  • To search by county pick from the list available – for this kind of search London has not been broken up into smaller authorities

  • To search by postcode just enter the first few characters of the postcode

  • To search by area of the country simply pick from the list, for example if you only wanted details of colleges in Scotland then select Scotland from the list

Each institution has also been given the opportunity to produce a statement of the support they currently provide for disabled students. These statements are written by colleges and provide an indication of the services and support they currently offer. You can identify colleges by entering search criteria. For example if you wanted to locate a college that already had Brailling facilities then type in the word Braille. Using search criteria like this does not mean the university does not provide a Brailling service it just means that they have not mentioned it in their statement

You can also search by any combination of these criteria. For example you may wish to locate colleges in the South East that have a loop system.

The Output

When you search Into HE, all of the colleges that meet the criteria will be generated as a list simply click on any one the colleges listed and you will be taken to the listing for that college. The listings for each college will be different but all contain basic contact details including website links and email addresses for specialist staff. Many of them also contain a disability services statement, which gives an indication of the colleges current provision. These details can be printed directly from the web.

Further Information

The information on these pages is intended to help you choose which college could be good for you with regards to support.

  • If you would like to know about courses provided by insititutions then visit

  • If you would like to know about specialist colleges, visit - the Association of National Specialist Colleges

  • Skill produces a number of information sheets, which are published on this website, which you may find useful. To access a full list visit the Information Sheets page

  • Skill also produces a number of print publications including Into HE 2003 about which you can find out more by visiting the Publications page

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