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Your legacy could help thousands of disabled people achieve their true potential by overcoming barriers to education!

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Since 1974 Skill has developed an expertise in promoting lifelong learning opportunities and supporting people with all types of disabilities. Skill helps people with physical and sensory disabilities, and learning or mental health difficulties, to enter after-school-age education, training and employment. Skill also supports their families, advisers, educators and policy makers.

Ignorance and discrimination can be overcome; solutions to financial and physical barriers to learning can be identified - with Skill's help. Skill gives free information and advice enabling thousands more disabled people to achieve their goals.

Almost 1 in 5 people have a disability that affects their daily lives. The chances are you will know several disabled people even if you are not always aware of their disability. They could, for example, benefit from Skill's advice when they're thinking about going to college or university - or later in life if they need to re-train after an accident or illness. Why should so many people be condemned to a life lacking stimulation, dependency on benefits, or poorly paid, short term jobs inappropriate to their skills? Education is the key to quality of life.

But this work comes at a cost. Skill has no resources of its own. By leaving money to Skill in your Will you will ensure future generations of disabled people have the opportunity to reach their potential.

Remember Skill in your will

Please remember Skill in your Will.
If you appreciate the value of education for all, then please consider leaving money to Skill in your Will. As a modestly-sized and highly effective charity, Skill focuses its resources where they really count. So you can feel confident that your money will make a difference.

What can a legacy do for Skill?
In the late 1990s it took just one legacy to give Skill sufficient security to expand its information service team and develop new services. Skill can now help hundreds of thousands of disabled young people and adult learners every year. Another legacy enabled Skill to provide localised advice and support for Scottish learners.

When you have taken care of your dependants and loved ones, please consider leaving a percentage of the remainder of your estate to Skill.
Just quote Skill and its charity number 801971.

If you would like further information you are very welcome to contact Carol Hicks on 020 7450 0626 or [email protected]

Everyone can leave the world a better place

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Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities is a company limited by guarantee (2397897) and a registered charity (801971).
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