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1. The CHESS Principles
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"To increase choice, access and quality of provision for deaf and hearing impaired students entering and undergoing Higher Education"


a) To disseminate and promote research into, good practice
b) To support all Higher Education Institutions in developing good practice


CHESS should:

· have a regularly elected cross-institutional Planning Group with a Convenor to co-ordinate and organise the work of CHESS
· hold regular meetings around the country open to all which will aim to be focussed and productive
· respond to requests for discussion of issues
· ensure dissemination of information e.g. minutes of meetings; sector developments through a mail base list
· consult with the list and other interested groups to provide responses to issues relating to the Mission Statement

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CHESS will be run through a Planning Group elected annually by attendees at a CHESS meeting. The group should consist of a flexible number of members (ideally 6 - 8), one of whom should act as Convenor. It will be the responsibility of this group to:

· organise meetings and plan the content
· to act as a focal point for communication with outside agencies
· to provide representation on other groups if requested
· to oversee and encourage furthering of the CHESS Principles outlined above


Paddy Turner, Sheffield Hallam University: [email protected] (Convenor)
Lynne Barnes, University of Central Lancashire: [email protected]
Chris Baxter, Nottingham Trent University: [email protected]
Kay Mason, University of Central Lancashire: [email protected]
Louise Rhodes, University of Wolverhampton: [email protected]
Mike Wald, University of Southampton: [email protected]
Jannine Williams, University of Newcastle: [email protected], and at the University of Northumbria: [email protected]

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Those who support the CHESS Principles will communicate via a JISCmail group known as "deaflink" which is an e-mail newsgroup service specifically intended for use by deaf students in HE and the staff who work with them. It is funded by HEFCE and managed from CCPD, the Computer Centre for People with Disabilities, in the University of Westminster.

Information related to meetings (day/date/location/basic meeting content and how to book) will be posted there. Any requests for consultation on matters pertinent to CHESS will be done through the list and any items of general information will also be posted.

Clearly, anybody can post questions and enter into discussions in the usual way.

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Regular CHESS meetings are fixed throughout the year so that everyone can plan their schedules ahead of time. They will be divided into two sessions: morning 11.00am - 1.00pm; afternoon 2.00pm - 4.00pm.

The morning session will be issue focused, typically starting with a presentation and then breaking down into group discussions.

The afternoon session will be agenda based with an opportunity to raise issues and enter into Q&A as well as providing opportunities for information delivery and dealing with any CHESS business matters e.g. voting on Planning Group membership.

As mentioned above, the content and organising of these sessions will be instigated by the PG based on issues raised on deaflink and/or other forums.

There will be 3 meetings annually:
1. The first Monday in March
2. The second Tuesday in June
3. The third Wednesday in November

The March and June meetings will be held at a variety of locations attempting to move them equally about the country. The November meeting will be hosted by a Planning Group member.

Attendance at a meeting will cost £20 for a full day and £10 for either of the two sessions. The money will be passed through SKILL to the host institution as recompense for holding the meeting. (SKILL are unable to provide this service for the November meeting and so attendance at this meeting will be free).

Voting on Planning group membership will take place annually at the November meeting.

FOR 2002

Tuesday June 11th
- Wolverhampton
Morning session theme - DDA presented by Sophie Corlett of SKILL.
Afternoon session - agenda to follow

Wednesday November 20th - University of Central Lancashire
Morning session theme - Exam and Assessment arrangements for d/Deaf students led by Lynne Barnes
Afternoon session - Planning Group elections + agenda to follow

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An e-mail newsgroup service has been created for the use of deaf students in HE and the staff who work with them. It can be used to:
1. give students contact with each other, to share ideas and problems;
2. let staff in different universities discuss how they support deaf students locally and investigate funding implications;
3. give researchers and students access to each other so that new ideas can be tested and reported.

The list is called deaflink.

To join, send the one-line message:

join deaflink firstname secondname

[email protected]

For example, if your name is Alice Brown, send the message:
join deaflink alice brown

To send a message to deaflink:

[email protected]

The service is financed by the Higher Education Funding Council and managed from CCPD, the Computer Centre for People with Disabilities, in University of Westminster.
The list owner, Eileen McCabe, can be contacted through the following:
Voice phone/minicom: 020 7911 5163
Fax: 020 7911 5162
[email protected]

New members are welcome and, after joining, are encouraged to send a brief initial message about who they are and why they joined.

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