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Skill Northern Ireland have been successful in attracting funding from the Community Fund. The grant will support Skill NI over the next two years and will enable us to continue to provide support, advice and representation for students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties in further and higher education within Northern Ireland. The grant will also enable us to establish a research and policy unit within the Northern Ireland office to build on existing work.

The Community Fund have also granted funds to employ a Student Advocacy Worker in Northern Ireland. This person will work between the 17 further education colleges in Northern Ireland to support students with disabilities and/ or learning difficulties to assist them in gaining confidence and skills and give them the opportunity to positively influence future developments in further education, governance, funding and structures. This is an extension of the work started in the very successful "Student Voices - Worth Listening To" project in 1999/2000.

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If you want to know more about Skill Northern Ireland please phone us on 01232 287000 (voice and text) or alternatively e-mail
[email protected]

[Posted 26th July 2002]

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