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New faces at Skill Scotland

Skill Scotland has two new members of staff. Debbie Wilson joined Skill at the beginning of July as the part-time Volunteer Project Officer. Debbie also works at the Thistle Foundation, an organisation which enables disabled people and their families to lead independent and integrated lives in the community.

Mhairi Cameron has taken up post as the Policy and Information Officer in Skill Scotland, a new post which enables Skill to expand its information services for disabled people and become increasingly involved in the Scottish policy arena. Mhairi's background includes work within the civil service and the Scottish Parliament.

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Skill Scotland AGM

The Skill Scotland AGM held in June was a successful evening, with interesting presentations from four speakers, including the first ever NUS Scotland Students with Disabilities Officer and the Chief Executive of the Funding Councils.

Your chance to volunteer!

The volunteer project in Skill Scotland is up and running again. This project provides opportunities for disabled people to spend a few hours each week helping with administrative or research work in Skill Scotland's office in Edinburgh, with the aim of gaining skills, experience and confidence. If you know of anyone who would benefit from such an opportunity, please contact Debbie in the Skill Scotland office for more information.

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Is your institution ready?

The new provisions of Part 4 of the Disability Discrimination Act come into force in September 2002, and many institutions are becoming aware that they are not fully prepared. For many, the first step is to find out more about the Act and exactly what might be expected of them. This is where Skill comes in. Having worked with DfES officials and politicians on the legislation as it went through Parliament, drafted the Code of Practice on the post-16 provisions on behalf of the Disability Rights Commission, talked to a bunch of lawyers and run a couple of conferences, Skill knows what it is talking about on this subject! And there has been a growing demand from institutions to provide briefing sessions for staff on the legislation.

Skill Scotland can provide anything from a 20 minute session for senior managers to a 3 hour workshop for academic or services staff at institutions in Scotland. Sessions will be down to earth and practical, full of examples as well as being soundly grounded in the law. If you know a group of staff who need to know more about the legislation, about their responsibilities and to be given the tools to put this into practice, contact [email protected] or ring 0131 475 2348 to discuss your training needs.

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[Updated 18th September 2002]

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