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* Skill Membership

What are the benefits of membership?

As a member you will join a national network of members tackling similar issues and be able to draw on all of Skill’s services. Skill gives you a voice in national developments in provision for disabled people. By joining Skill you feed your views though to the people in power.

In addition:

All corporate members and individual members will receive:

Skill’s Newsletter three times a year:
up to date information about changes in legislation, forthcoming events and new publications of interest to professionals working with disabled students, trainees and jobseekers

Skill’s Journal three times a year:
longer articles on good practice and research

These members can also subscribe to Notes and Quotes if they choose.

All student unions, and all individual disabled students, trainees and jobseekers will receive:

Notes and Quotes three times a year:
news and views for disabled students, trainees and jobseekers.

These members can also subscribe to the Journal and Newsletter if they choose.

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- All members are eligible for a 10% discount on conferences, and students are eligible for a bigger discount on some events.

- All members are entitled to subscribe to the information service at a discounted rate and receive updated information sheets as and when they are produced.

- Educational bodies and employers, unions and professional bodies paying higher rate subscriptions (marked with an asterisk in the price list below) are eligible to buy full membership for additional staff members at a discount rate.

-  All members are eligible to take part in special offers which Skill arranges exclusively for its members and Friends of Skill from time to time.

-  All corporate members and individual members will be eligible to receive e-mailed policy updates on a regular basis on issues which concern them

-  All members will know that they are contributing to the work which Skill does across the United Kingdom to support and empower disabled students, trainees and jobseekers.

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Who can join?

Anyone who fits into one of the following categories:
[these are membership rates for 2002-2003]

Educational bodies
[e.g. Colleges, universities and schools]
- HE/FE institutions with more than 1000 students - �242.00 (*)
- FE institutions with between 100 and 1000 students - �201.00 (*)
- FE institutions with under 100 students - �84.00

Education or careers guidance or support services - �84.00

Employer, union or professional bodies
- With more than 1000 staff/members - �227.00 (*)
- With between 100 and 1000 staff/members - �185.00 (*)
- With less than 100 staff/members - �84.00

Local authority of public body - �242.00 (*#)

Organisation of or for disabled people - �84.00

Student organisations - �84.00

Individual members
- Individual professional membership - �60.00
- Corporate individual (where employer is a skill member in a category marked with an *) �33.00
- Individual student, trainee or jobseeker �10.00

Overseas members
- Institutional member �84.00
- Individual member �84.00
- Disabled student, trainee or jobseeker �62.00

Please note, our membership year is September to August.

Interested but don’t want to become a member

You can:

- Subscibe to Skill’s Journal

If you are working in the sector, but do not want to become a member, why not subscribe to the Skill Journal instead.

An annual subscription for three editions costs just �30 a year.

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Become a Friend of Skill

Maybe you are interested in Skill’s work and would like to help us in what we do. Why not become a Friend of Skill? We will keep you up to date with what we are doing, any special offers and ways you can help. Joining Skill’s Friends scheme costs just �10 per year. Please refer to our Help Us section for further details.

Make a donation

Skill is a charity and highly dependent on donations. You will know that any donation you make goes straight towards our work. To make a donation, please use our online donation form.

What to do now

- If you would like to join Skill, fill in our printable   online membership form now. You can also use this form to subscribe to our journal, or enquire about membership or becoming a Friend or Skill.
- If you would like to enquire about other Skill services, such as our publications or information sheets, please refer to our Information Services section or use the on-line enquiry form. - If you would like to donate money to Skill, please use our online donation form.

Please note that Skill is a company limited by guarantee. This means that in the unlikely event of it being wound up, members could be liable to pay �1.00

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Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities is a company limited by guarantee (2397897) and a registered charity (801971).
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