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Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities promotes opportunities to empower young people and adults with any kind of disability to realise their potential in further and higher education, training and employment throughout the United Kingdom. Skill works in partnership with disabled people, service providers and policy makers: tutors, lecturers, student services or welfare officers, disabled students advisers, learning support co-ordinators, careers officers, disabled students and their families or enablers.

What does Skill do?

Skill provides individual support to disabled people, their families/enablers or people working with disabled people by offering an information service by phone, minicom or letter publishing books, booklets and information leaflets. We promote good practice in further and higher education, training and employment by:

organising regular events/meetings for staff development and mutual support

offering a membership scheme with regular mailings to update members

producing publications for staff, including a regular journal and good practice guides

providing consultancy support

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We influence national policy about further and higher education, training and employment by:

liaising with government and government agencies

participating in committees set up to influence national policy e.g. National Council for Vocational Qualifications

running working parties on key issues e.g. mental health

undertaking specific projects and research

Skill Information Service

Information Service offers information and advice on applying to college, financial assistance while studying, examination arrangements, disclosing disability, looking for work and much more.

Skill Conferences

Our national and regional conferences and seminars around the country usually have a dual purpose. They provide information about good practice when working with students with disabilities or learning difficulties. They also enable professionals to come together and learn from each other experiences.

A full list of
Skill conferences and events is available. Please contact Skill for details

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Skill Membership

Skill has over 1,200 members:universities, colleges, students unions, local authorities, students and other individuals.

Benefits of Skill membership include the Skill Newsletter, the Skill Journal, the student newsletter "Notes & Quotes", and discounts on conference fees for institutional members.

How you can help Skill

The income Skill receives through donations helps us to carry out projects which will develop opportunities for people with disabilities and learning difficulties in further and higher education, training and employment.

Contact Us

For details of our office addresses and contact numbers please refer to our Contact Details page.

If you would like more information about how Skill may be able to help you, e-mail us with your enquiry.

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Skill: National Bureau for Students with Disabilities is a company limited by guarantee (2397897) and a registered charity (801971).
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